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What Can I Do With The Overview tab?

The Overview page provides an overview of a specific project. 

On the left:

  • The Project Tasks Status pie chart indicates how much of your project, as a whole, remains to be done. Approaching Tasks shows a list of the project's upcoming tasks, their due dates, who is responsible for them, whether they have associated comments, and their progress. In its heading is a Filter Tasks box that will be described below.

In the middle:

  • The Recent Activity column lets you keep track of recent changes in your project. Clicking on anything on this column takes you immediately to the page it occurred on. A label to the left of each change describes the type of activity that occurred.

On the right:

  • Here you can view and manage your project's team members. To add a team member, type in their name in the Add a Team Member field and click Add.This will open a dialog box that allows you to send that person an invitation to read or edit your Webplanner project. To edit your email notification settings, click the envelope next to your name. If you own a project, you can edit the email notification settings of your team members by clicking the Edit link under their names.


When you click the Filter Tasks box in the Approaching Tasks heading, all of the information in the left and middle is filtered by team member. By default, the information on approaching tasks and recent activities is filtered to only include information about you. If you click the avatar or name of a team member involved in your project (on the right), the information shown all pertains to that individual. To turn off filtering, click the Filter Tasks box again so the check mark disappears.


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