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How Can I Import Contacts From Act! Using The Webplanner Act! Export Tool ?

  • In order to import contacts from Act, you need to use the Webplanner Act Export utility.
  • If you have not downloaded it, you may download from this link:
    Webplanner Act Exporter
    1. Please close Act on your PC.
    2. After you have downloaded, go to your download location And run Webplanner_ActTools_Installer.exe
    3. After the installer finishes, please open Act.
    4. The Webplanner Act Export can be found at the top of the Act Tools menu.
  • If you have already downloaded and installed the export utility:
    1. Open Act, then go to the Tools menu and click Webplanner Act Exporter
    2. In the exporter dialog, optionally check to include Act User records and your Private records.
    3. Click the Process button.
    4. After your export finishes, you can return to the Webplanner website and click the Upload File and Import button.
    5. The data exported from Act will be in your Documents folder, named: Webplanner.ActExport
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