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How Do I Add Comments For The Project ?

You might find that some of your tasks are actually more like notes than tasks. For example, 'Remember to check Dave's specifications' might work better as a personal note than a task, especially if it could take several days to catch up with Dave, but only a few minutes to review his specs. Webplanner allows comments to take the form of a conversation between you and other team members. Through comments, you can work through the details necessary to get a task done. On the Comments page, you can write new comments and monitor existing comments.


If you would like to add a comment to a specific task, you can do this on the Schedule page or Tasks page. For help with this, see the help pages for the Tasks toolbar and theTask data view of the Schedule page. Comments can also be made on attachments. See the Attachments page help file for more information.


To add a general comment to your project, click the Write a Comment button, add the subject and comment content, and then click Save.


To reply to a comment, click the Reply link and save your response. When you clickShow Thread., you will see all the comments in a conversation arranged in chronological order. Within the Show Thread dialog box, you will have the option to create a PDF or Word report of the comments, allowing you to save the thread to your computer where you can later print it.



  • Use comments to keep track of the little 'nagging' operational details of a project that are critical to success.
  • Although the Task List provides plenty of room for comments, it is best to keep your comments concise.
  • Comments can explain what to do in a task or how to successfully complete a task.
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