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How Do I Add Team Members To My Project?

  1. Open any existing project
  2. Go to wizard 
  3. Open Team from the left hand side menu

Enter the names or descriptions of the people involved in your project. Include key decision makers, such as executives or customers, who must approve or consult with you about the project. These are your project's resources. In the next Team step, you'll identify new tasks associated with these resources. 

To enter Team members:

  1. Press the Add Team Member button to add a new team member.
  2. If you have stored information about people and other resources in Contacts, the names you've entered will show up in the drop down. Type each name or description. As you type, Webplanner will try to match the name to an existing entry in your Contacts list.
  3. To edit the Team text, double-click the entry.
    To edit the task text, double-click the task. To delete a task or team member, select the line you'd like to remove and press the delete button.

To invite Team Members to join your project:

  • Go to the Overview page of your project. Any team members you've added in the Wizard will appear in the Team section on the right. Click Send Invitation to invite those people to join your project.


  • Be consistent with the resource names in your projects. For instance, avoid using 'Richard' in one project and 'Dick' in another project when referring to the same person.
  • Include names for people, teams (such as Quality Control Team), departments (such as Manufacturing), companies (such as Acme Widgets Corp), or even equipment (such as wheat thrasher).


  • Add people and other resource information to your Contacts (top left) so that you can quickly drag resources from the library to any project.
  • Some users like to revise their Task List before they assign resources. You can go to the Task List at any time while you are using Webplanner by clicking Tasks in the top menu bar.
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