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How Do I Assign/Unassign New Tasks To Phases In the Second Screen of Obstacles, Goals, and Team?

To assign new tasks to phases:

  1. Click a task in the New tasks list (on the left).
  2. Click one or more phases in the Assign them to phases list (on the right) to which the task belongs. A check mark appears next to tasks you've assigned.
    If a task does not belong in any phase, you can assign the task to a new phase or you can leave it unassigned. To assign the selected task to a new phase, click new phase button on the right and then type a name for the new phase. Webplanner assigns the selected task to the new phase.

To unassign a task:

  • Click the task and then click the highlighted phase from which you want to remove the task. When the task is unassigned, the check mark will disappear. You can then assign that task to a different phase, if necessary.


  • You can edit task names and the phases they're under later, in the Tasklist or Schedule page.
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